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Narberth and Whitland Rotary Club
Welsh Dragon Boat Championship 2018


The Rotary Club of Narberth & Whitland wish to advise that due to the proposed redevelopment work at Llys Y Fran, (which are scheduled to start in the Spring of 2018), we are unable to hold the Wales Dragon Boat championship in May 2018. Whilst we are dissapointed not to be holding the event in 2018, we very much welcome the fantastic redevelopments at Llys Y fran and are looking forward to hosting the Wales Dragon Boat Championship again when the work is completed. 

As well as being a fantastic event the Wales Dragon Boat Championship is an important fundraiser for our club to support our charitable and community work and Narberth & Whitland Rotary Club is absolutely delighted to have been chosen as the charitable beneficiary of the proceeds from the 'That'll Be The Day' Summer Charity Challenge at the Follies Theatre, Folly Farm on the 7th and 8th July 2018 and we are busy working on some exciting plans for this which we will be pleased to write to all our supporters about in due course. 

We would love to see you there!

Meanwhile details of the redevelopment work at Llys Y Fran can be found here

Latest News

Welsh Dragon Boat Championship 2018 CANCELLED

The Rotary Club of Narberth & Whitland wish to advise that due to the proposed redevelopment work at Llys Y Fran, (which are scheduled to start in the Spring of 2018), we are unable to hold the Wales Dragon Boat championship in May 2018. Whilst we are dissapointed not to be holding the event in 2018, we very much welcome the fantastic redevelopments at Llys Y fran and are looking forward to hosting the Welsh Dragon Boat Championship again when the work is completed. 

13 Nov 2017 More...


In The Welsh Dragon Boat Championship held  at Llysyfran Reservoir and Country park on Sunday 28th May It was a close run finish. In under one minute “Full Bore”, the team from The Eagle Inn,  won with power and a perfect  paddling rhythm. So the Eagle has finally landed the winner’s trophy.

29 May 2017 More...

Army Manouvers at Llys Y Fran

On Bank Holiday Sunday May 28th Major James John of 157 Welsh Regiment will be bringing some of his troop and army trucks to Llysyfran Country park and Reservoir to assist the organisers of the Welsh Dragon Boat Championship.

25 May 2017 More...


Narberth and Whitland Rotary Club would like to thank all of our generous sponsors who supported the 2016 Welsh Dragon Boat Championship. If you are interested in supporting us in 2017 please contact us for full details at

We will be delighted to hear from you :-)


  • Hywel Griffiths & Sons Plant Hire

    Hywel Griffiths & Sons Plant Hire

    Main Sponsors of the 2017 Welsh Dragon Boat Championships are local Plant Hire Company Hywel Griffiths and Sons. The Company can be contacted on 07785545469 and has available a wide range of plant to hire to cover construction, excavation , concreting, foundations, ditching, demolition, pipe laying, septic tanks, fencing and landscaping.



In 2017, we are delighted to announce that we are supporting Mental Health Charities.

  • This year we have chosen the charity theme of Mental Health. This is an area that greatly needs our support and these are some of the charities that we hope to support.

    ​Don't forget that any amount of sponsorship that your team raises above the £25 per head  for Rotary Charities you are free to donate to the Charity of your choice. It may be that your workplace or group have a nominated charity or a favourite cause to support? (Alternatively, of course we would be more than delighted if you raise more for our Rotary supported charities.

  • Taf QT Dementia Club, Whitland

    Taf QT Dementia Club, Whitland

    The Club is a lively meeting point for carers and their loved ones of whom can come along and share information and laughter amongst friends. Activities include: musical afternoons, quiz sessions, talks, board games, arts and crafts, and if all else fails, you can just come for a jolly good chin wag!

  • Mind Cymru

    Mind Cymru

    We provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. We campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding

  • Dementtia Friendly Communities

    Dementtia Friendly Communities

    Dementia Friendly Communities is a programme which facilitates the creation of dementia-friendly communities across the UK. Everyone, from governments and health boards to the local corner shop and hairdresser, share part of the responsibility for ensuring that people with dementia feel understood, valued and able to contribute to their community.

    We are working to make Narberth a Dementia Friendly Community

  • Adlerian Society of Wales

    Adlerian Society of Wales

    We want to change the way mental health is seen.  Instead of it being a “disease” or a “disorder”: something you possess, we see the majority of mental disorders as behaviours you (often unconsciously) USE to help you through some of the horrors and dark places of life you have experienced. Wherever there is genuine demand and inadequate provision, we want to make a contribution towards the relief of suffering

    Even today there is stigma and discrimination against people who suffer mental health episodes or conditions. Instead we want to see well-trained committed counsellors and therapists who have practiced and refined their skills of insight, awareness, non-judgmentalism and empathy, working towards giving the very best service to those in our community who are suffering.

    We want to see tortured and chaotic minds find rest, respite and recovery

  • Hafal


    We are Wales’ leading charity for people with serious mental illness and their carers. Covering all areas of Wales, Hafal is an organisation managed by the people we support: individuals whose lives have been affected by serious mental illness.

    Underpinning our services to clients is our own unique Recovery Programme. Based on modern principles of self-management and empowerment, Hafal’s programme offers clients a methodical way of achieving recovery by focusing on improving all areas of their life

  • Seren Low Secure Unit

    Seren Low Secure Unit

    The low secure unit provides a range on therapeutic interventions for services users from a directorate wide area. Many of whom are subject to or have been  jointly subject to the judicial system and the mental health services. The function of the unit is  to provide a range of therapies from the multi disciplinary team. These include Occupational health who supply teaching and knowledge of practical skill needed to reach optimum levels of functioning with a view to achieving independent living. The psychology team provide a diverse range of therapies to help patients address their mental health issues in order to minimise the effects of the symptoms experienced. The nursing team provide a range of physical and psychological care plans. Not least of which is a friendly person to talk to. We provide at a glance…..


    • Individualised and flexible care pathways
    • Experienced and expert multidisciplinary teams
    • Rapid access to the highest quality of care
    • Recovery-focussed approach for a wide range of mental health needs
    • Areas of expertise include dealing with challenging behaviour, complex needs, severe and enduring mental health, personality disorders.
    • Disorder, co-morbidity, sex offending and arson
    • We accept referrals from within the directorate area.

    The unit has 13 beds on its main unit with a further 4 beds in its step-down area. The step-down offers patients the opportunity to employ the skills and confidence they have gained with less required restriction to the community. This is a stepping stone to recovery and  independence.

    There are several garden areas with which the unit has utilised some of to create a sizable vegetable patch which is cultivated by the patients and the produce of which is freshly cooked on site by the patients for their own meals . This give value to patients in teaching life skills, reducing stress, increasing moderate exercise and improving dietary habits.

    This in addition to the onsite gymnasium offers unique opportunity for socialisation and improved health. There are also may activates that have been arranged in the past with a sport focus such as football, walking club, swimming and cycling club subject to the weather!

    Your contribution and support to this is gratefully received and valued by both the patients and staff of Cwm Seren Lowe Secure Unit